Welcome to the Spirit of ’76 Broadcast Network. We are presently in the beginning phase of building and establishing a broadcast network unlike any other currently in existence. While many excellent internet sites provide a commendable variety of educational offerings, there is a significant lack of the necessary combination of both the spiritual and political dimension of the broad equation of truth. In short…political information and understanding can only go so far in the absence of the foundational presence of Biblical spiritual truth. Likewise…a Biblical and spiritual perspective lacks relevance and practicality when we fail to apply it in a dominion context to the real world around us.

     The Spirit of ’76 Broadcast Network is also a component of a larger tactical undertaking known as the Seven Point Strategy. Those seven points comprise the essential requirements that must be simultaneously dealt with for there to be any meaningful, comprehensive, and structured resistance to the satanic conspiracy that seeks to destroy the Republic and enslave its inhabitants. Click here to view the Seven Point Strategy presentation.

     Along with publishing, broadcasting is a cornerstone aspect of the all important communications/educational arena of endeavor. By God’s grace and provision, the Spirit of ’76 Broadcast Network will soon become an indispensible resource in the lives of a growing number of aspiring stalwart servants of the covenant God of Scripture.

Stay tuned for new and regular developments as we work diligently to build this potent tool of conquest and victory over the insidious forces of evil!

Pastor Rick Tyler

Heritage Christian Church